From Carl Oscar, this smart, leak proof lunch box comes with a removable cooling pack in the lid. Perfect for school, at work or when travelling. You eat healthily, it´s cost-effective and eco-friendly. Includes a nesting inner box with a lid so you can pack different foods separately. Ideal for fresh vegetables, fruit or dressing. The N’ice Box also comes with CUTElery™ multi-cutlery fixed in the lid. Freeze the cooling pack horizontally for at least 6 hours, click it into the lid to keep your meal cold and fresh for up to 5 hours at room temperature. It can also be used without the cooling pack. The N’ice Box is BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free and the cooling pack contains non-toxic cooling gel. The food containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe (upper rack). Do not use the cooling pack in a microwave. 


Carl Oscar Wisdom N'ice box - Funky lunch box with cooling lid