Circle & Dash make genuinely unique and beautiful jewellery from hand painted, printed and gilded papers. The business has gradually built up since its start in 1998 and our limited-edition papers have all been exquisitely decorated for you by hand in our UK studio. High quality acrylic paints are employed using a variety of printing, layering and gilding techniques which have been developed by us over the years. Sections of our hand-painted papers are used to compose the different designs, making each piece slightly different from the next. We finish the jewellery with a resistant lacquer or resin to ensure that the surface is well protected and aesthetically pleasing. Our products are durable and light weight making them very comfortable to wear.

All hooks and chains are Sterling Silver, only the bangles are silver-plated.

Every piece is unique and exact replicas are unrealistic to achieve, however overall duplication is possible and the photographs are a good representation of the general design and colour.
Please note although our jewellery is very durable for everyday wear, we do advise customers not to wear it in the bath/shower.

Circle & Dash long slim earrings - lime