Antiviral. Antibacterial. Antiseptic.
Active essential oils.
Bergamot essential oil. (Antiviral. Antibacterial. Antiseptic.)
Grapefruit essential oil. (Antiseptic.)
Petitgrain essential oil. (Antiseptic.)

A ‘bitter’ citrus soap – we’ve chosen all those tangy and bitter citrus essential oils and combined them together to bring all the benefits of citrus without the sweetness. Great if you need a morning stress buster.


A soap that is 100% natural, fantastic for your skin, incredibly long-lasting and comes with these additional benefits...
• Naturally produces a rich creamy lather to help nourish and moisturise your skin
• Inherently antibacterial by nature
• Essential oil blends offer therapeutic effects as well as smelling amazing
• With naturally-occurring glycerine

100% Natural • Antiviral • Antibacterial • Antiseptic • Vegan • Plastic-free • No Palm Oil • No SLS • No GMO • No Parabens • Cruelty-free • Made in the UK (Yorkshire).

Oh you can also shave and shampoo with our soap too!
Please recycle this packaging as you would magazines.
Top Tip: Keep me dry in-between use and I'll last longer.

Our tiny bees - Soap - Petitgrain & Grapefruit