Simply rub a small amount into the skin to heal and soften. Super effective - a little goes a long way.



Avocado oil - Rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, D and E can cause the skin to be suppler and are particularly good for dry or aged skin. Avocado oil is deeply absorbed by the skin.
Olive oil - Olive oil's antioxidants - vitamins A and E can help repair skin damage
Cocoa Butter - Great for dry, dehydrated, or winter-dried skin, helps retain moisture, super-rich.
Our Tiny Bees Beeswax - Forms a protective layer on the skin.

WEIRD essential oil blend:
British Lavender oil
- The scent has a calming effect, which aids relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress, naturally antibacterial.
Bergamot Oil: Certain components of the essential oil of Bergamot are antibiotic and disinfectant as well as being antidepressant and stimulating in nature.
Tea Tree: The world over, this oil is used with great effectiveness to ward off infections of any kind, and it is active in all three varieties of infectious organisms - bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
Spearmint Oil: Can protect wounds from infection and even help them heal faster.


25ml / 20mm deep / 56mm round


Creams contain water and usually have to be chemically stabilised. Our Balms are 100% Natural – much richer than balms with only active ingredients. Use less for the same benefits – better for you better for planet earth.

Our tiny bees - Weird balm